Rent a Jeep, plan your trip and go. With the Jeep you can drive to secluded coves or higher spots. And that in a safe manner. After all the 4 x 4 is a sturdy robust Jeep Wrangler. Not New but great fun to drive with.
Just Not New
Our Jeeps Wrangler are vintage models. They have been around! They are well serviced, but they all have a little wear and tear. 
Our Tip: Head to the highest point of Ibiza, in Sant Joseph de sa Talai.
Hippy Market Punta Arabi
The Punta Arabí hippy market is reportedly the oldest of the island but may no longer be the most famous (and most touristic and busy). It's certainly not the most beautiful market, but the most authentic.

Since 1985 is also the hippy market Les Dalias with more than 200 stalls. The Les Dalias market can be found in Sant Carles de Peralta and open every Saturday between 10 and 20 hours a day.
Point of interest:  The highest point of Ibiza is situated in Sant Joseph de sa Talaia, near the town of Cala Tarida at about 475 metres above sea level. In Sant Joseph de sa Talaia is a very well known folk dance group of Ibiza a popular attraction. This is the group ' ball Pagés '. Just off the coast of Sant Joseph de sa Talaia are two idyllic Islands, Es Vedra and Es Vedranell.